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Barbara Daniel-Leppich

Personal information

1966 Birth in Hardheim
1985 Abitur (graduation from German High School) in Tauberbischofsheim
1989 Diploma of Würzburg Interpreters' School (English, French, Spanish)
Since 1989 Office-, Quality and Project Management in International Executive Search Companies, Munich



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Since 1989

Intensive academic and applied studies of essential oils and their impact on body, mind and psyche in the following areas

  • aroma practice
  • aroma work
  • aroma care
  • aroma massage
  • aromatherapy
  • psycho-aromatherapy
  • aromatherapy adapted for children

Since 2013

Further training + certificates in aroma practice, aroma work, aroma massage (Indian head massage; specific hand and forearm massage), aromatherapy/psychoaromatherapy and scent dialogue as well as healthcare practice:

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietrich Wabner (NORA), Munich,
    Thesis: "My journey to essential oils - application of essential oils in the context of physical and emotional trauma using the example of cistus ladanifer"
  • Barbara Krähmer (Neumond), Raisting
  • Eliane Zimmermann (AiDA Aromatherapy International/Aromapraxis/Neumond), Raisting
  • Martin Henglein (olfactory perception, osmology, aroma circle according to Martin Henglein, VEROMA/Aroma Forum International e. V./Farfalla), Uster, Switzerland
  • Christine Lamontain, multi-modular advanced training in DuftGespräch® scent and psyche in dialogue, (Vivere Sabrina Herber - School for Aromatherapy and Aroma Care), Schwollen/Leisel
  • Christine Lamontain as training lecturer for healthcare practice of the German Society for Alternative Medicine (DGAM), Schwollen/Leisel
  • Monika Werner - aroma practice (Aroma Forum International e. V.), Munich
  • Susanne Fischer-Rizzi/Ann Harman /Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. med. habil. Hanns Hatt/Regular Rudolf v. Rohr: Congress aqua-aromatica - the rediscovery of plant waters/hydrosols, Illertissen


Further training + certificate as healthcare practitioner BfG/DGAM for health-promoting aroma care - scent dialogue

  • Vivere Sabrina Herber, School for Aromatherapy and Aroma Care, Swollen/Leisel

trauma therapy/psychotherapy/grief support

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Since 2013

Co-work  in a practice for systemic therapy and psychosomatic medicine, Murnau

Since 2014

Further training, self-experience, work in peer groups in the field of trauma/contact/boundary/body related approach


  • Introduction to Korean hand acupressure, Cusanus Academy, Brixen, Michael Geyerhofer

September 2014 to April 2016

Training as holistic practitioner for psychotherapy, Isolde Richter school for holistic practitioners, Kenzingen, in cooperation with Savina Tilmann


  • Dealing with trauma in Healing Practice - Basic and Advanced Seminar, Heilpraktikerschule Isolde Richter, Kenzingen, in cooperation with Praxis Sichtzeichen, Essen, Savina Tilmann
  • Work with boundaries and boundary violations, Odenwald Institute of the Karl Kuebel Foundation, Wald-Michelbach, Elfriede Dinkel-Pfrommer
  • Traumatherapy Somatic Experiencing (SE)®, Kirsch private practice, Juni S. Kirsch, Munich
  • Advanced training in psychoenergetic methods EFT-based tapping Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping technique), Heilpraktikerschule Isolde Richter, Kenzingen
  • Advanced training to obtain the training instructor's qualification in Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to Edmund Jacobson (PME) with Focusing elements, igf München


  • Training: Humanistic Psychotherapy - Principles of conversation psychotherapy according to Carl Rogers, Heilpraktikerschule Likamundi, Füssen
  • Advanced training: Introduction to Somatic Experiencing (SE)® - A psychophysiological basic concept for working with trauma according to Dr. Peter A. Levine, in cooperation with ISYS, Tübingen, Elfriede Dinkel-Pfrommer, Rottenburg
  • Examination and licensing of the practice of medicine limited to the field of psychotherapy, Health Office Munich: Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapy
  • Foundation of her own practice for aroma work and psychotherapy according to the German Heilpraktikergesetz (HeilprG) - German Complementary Medical Practitioners Act - in Murnau

December 2016 to April 2019

  • 3-year advanced training in Somatic Experiencing (SE)® (a body-related concept for overcoming trauma) in cooperation with BAPt e.V., Cologne, Heike Gattnar, Munich


  • Advanced Training: Transgenerational traumatisation - the echo of the past and the call of the self, seminar at ZIST, Penzberg, Heike Gattnar, Munich

October 2017 to March 2018

  • Advanced training as certified grief counselor, training on possible approaches of supporting people having experienced grief and trauma, Heilpraktikerschule Isolde Richter, Kenzingen, Savina Tilmann, Essen


  • Training: Treatment options for coping with trauma after drastic pre- and postnatal events in parents and children on the basis of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Sabine Völker, Bad Wiessee
  • Conference participation and holding of a lecture and workshop on the subject of scents on the occasion of the 2nd European Conference on Somatic Experiencing (SE)®, Potsdam
  • Training: Possibilities of therapeutic work with babies, children, teenagers and young adults on the basis of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® for coping with trauma after challenging pregnancy, birth events through medical treatments, based on experiences through abuse / sexualised violence, after assault and violence, in connection with loss and grief, Maggie Kline, Salzburg

Since November 2018

  • Further education curriculum in several modules: Therapeutic Work with Touch for Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Practitioners based on the combined approach of craniosacral therapy with Somatic Experiencing (SE)® and polyvagal theory by Stephen Porges, Jacqueline Schneider, Murnau/Munich


April 2019

  • Further training in the body-related method Therapeutic Women's Massage TFM™ - according to Dr. Gowri Motha for the support of women on a psychological and physical level in different phases of womanhood: puberty, young women, desire towards children, pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding, maternity, transition, Tiefenbach/Passau
  • Completion of the 3-year advanced training with certificate for SEP Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Practitioner, Bernried

June 2019

  • Post-Advanced training for Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Practitioners on SE-specific eyework, masterclass taught by Dr. Peter A. Levine, Weggis, Switzerland

November 2019

  • Post-Advanced training for Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Practitioners on SE-specific work with shame and guilt, lecture held by Heike Gattnar, Gräfelfing


März 2020

  • Training in the acustic therapeutic intervention SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol), based on Polyvagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges, as base layer for further therapeutic approaches in trauma therapy in supporting vagus nerve regulation.
    Qualification as certified SSP Provider

Juli 2020

August 2020

  • Post-Advanced training for Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Practitioners on SE-specific work with consequences of banishment, flight, migration in the context of transgenerational transmission: foreigness, connectedness, homeland", lecture held by Heike Gattnar, Kochel am See

September 2020 bis September 2021

Oktober 2020

  • Continuing education as SSP Provider in the acustic therapeutic intervention SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol), based on Polyvagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges working in SSP Remote-Modus (Online) including particular safety modalities (Deb Dana)

Januar 2021

Februar 2021

  • Post-Advanced-Seminar: "The Red Track - treatment planning in casework" from the perspective of SE in accompanying clients suffering from after-effects of trauma, Szilvia Meggyesy


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since May 2016

Member of Aroma Forum International e. V., peer group Munich

Logo Aroma Forum International

since February 2017

Member of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Deutschland e. V. 

since November 2018

Member of Schatten & Licht e. V. Initiative peripartale psychische Erkrankungen (Initiative to support illnesses in the field of pre- and post birth linked to the psyche)

since January 2019

Member of IGPS e. V. - Interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Psychosomatische Schmerztherapie ( Society of holistic therapies on chronic pain)

since April 2019

Member of Therapeutische Frauen-Massage TFM™