You have already made the first step:
You have gotten an overview of the options within my practice. Next, you will contact me, so that we can get to know one another.

- currently, there are spaces available -

This initial one-to-one appointment will usually take up to 45 minutes, which are free of charge for you.

Our first appointment in the practice is meant to answer important questions for you as well as for me:

what matter do you need support with? 

You are going to give me a rough overview of that in our initial appointment.

  • am I the right point of contact for your concern, based upon my experience and qualification?

I am going to honestly assess this and might then additionally propose contacting other colleagues or counseling centers.

  • what is our specific line of action in your case?
  • I am going to provide you with information on my methods, my course of treatment in my practice, possible duration and estimated costs.
  • and the absolute must: Do we have the right 'chemistry' and can we imagine to be 'on this path together' for some time?
  • What is the next step? If we decide to work together, the next step would be to draw up the future treatment plan together. What's important for you here is that this is not a strict plan that has to be adhered to. Rather, we will determine a rough course of action which can be adapted flexibly with regards to the contents of our treatment plan and the frequency of sessions, since during the process, new developments may make adjustments necessary. These will of course be taken into account individually, so that we are in tune with your pace and with how you are feeling pleasantly.