In my practice for aroma work and psychotherapy in accordance with HeilprG (German Complementary Medical Practitioners Act), I take the time to look into your personal matter, in order to find a sustainable solution together with you.

Possible areas of treatment you might need support with:

  • discomfort due to stress
  • burnout
  • restlessness and anxiety
  • sleeping disorders
  • feelings of depression, exhaustion
  • adjustment disorders due to changes in private or professional realm
  • symptoms and general discomfort due to particular lifetime events or after drastic lifetime periods (trauma)
  • psychosomatic issues (e.g. persistent pain)
  • support for preparation and follow-up of medical interventions (both in-patient or out-patient)
  • complementary therapy before or after in-patient treatment 
  • complementary therapeutic assistance for (patients with) serious illnesses
  • complementary therapy for (patients with) chronic conditions
  • grief support.

I see my work as a puzzle piece within a holistic therapeutic approach. Thus, as required or desired, I will also include your treating physician, therapist or complementary medical practitioner.
In my practice, you will find a place of retreat in which we address your particular matter and develop an individual approach together. I am bound to the same confidentiality as a physician.

My practice is appointments-only, which benefits you:

  • no waiting times
  • appointments flexibly adapted to your schedule.

The treatments can be held in German, English or French. I am looking forward to assisting you with my experience and knowledge to support you on your personal journey.

Barbara Daniel-Leppich